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Choose statements/Ho'oponopono

If at any point in time, you feel off, feel strong emotions or that your body is resisting letting something go, please say the following dear body, choose statements or ho’oponopono. I've pared down the choose statements to what tested as most needed.

NOTE that you are in control of your body. I can ask your body to let something go, but only YOU can let it go. The below tells your body that it's ok, you want that feeling/energy gone. You are way more powerful than you realize!

Here are the choose statements and ho’Oponopono on you tube if you wish to listen instead (meditation is on loop).

Choose Statements - YouTube

Ho'Oponopono Original Prayer - YouTube

Choose statements:

Choose to let go, permission to let go, safe to let go, fully authorize to let go, even if an aspect of me doesn't want or know how to let go, even if repressed, even if it was absorbed, shared, not mine.


Choose to change, permission to change, safe to change, fully authorize to change, even if an aspect of me doesn't want or know how to change, even if repressed, even if it was absorbed, shared, not mine.


Choose to let my energy flow, safe to let my energy flow, permission to let my energy flow, fully authorize for my energy to flow, even if an aspect of me doesn't know how or want to fully flow, even if repressed, even if it was absorbed, shared, not mine.


Choose to embody love, safe to embody love, permission to embody love, fully authorize to embody love, even if an aspect of me doesn’t want or know how to embody love, even if repressed, even if it was absorbed, shared, not mine.


Choose to acknowledge, safe to acknowledge, permission to acknowledge, fully authorize to acknowledge, even if an aspect of me doesn’t want or know how to acknowledge, even if repressed, even if it was absorbed, shared, not mine.


I'm sorry

Please forgive me

Thank you

I love you

What are the Days of Healing Group Healing?

The Days of Healing (sometimes 3 days and sometimes 4 days depending on the topic) is a clearing and up-leveling of your consciousness in a group setting while focusing on the intention of the week.  You can also set intentions of what you would like to manifest.  It is a great way to address some personal concerns in addition to the group theme.

Your group is a safe, supportive and loving sacred container for healing where your body/soul are safe to let go of what it wants to release. 

To Join the Days of Healing Group Session, click the BOOK SESSION tab, choose XX Days of Healing Group Session. 

To see the theme for the upcoming week please join the facebook group  If you do not have facebook, please enter your name and email address on the contact tab requested to be added to the distribution list that will send out the weekly theme topic.

During group sessions, root causes for our issues are neutralized faster because of the mass vibrational energy that is intentionally generated, focused, and concentrated at a single point in time. I guide your body/soul to use the infinite intelligence that is all around us, but difficult to access consistently when alone. These actions, when set in motion, create changes in our body, which in turn influence our thoughts and behaviors in a positive way. 

​Each morning, starting on Monday, I will activate an intention for the group with the main focus to optimize the theme for the week.  You do not need to do anything, unless I ask you to repeat an affirmation or do a meditation that would be beneficial to help the process.  At the end of the day, I will update you if the intention for the day was fully activated or if we need to continue working on that day’s theme the next day.  

If you are joining for the next 5 Days of Healing and do not wish to post the intentions on facebook, you can email them to

What is Self Referencing Inner Imagery Transformation Metaphor (SR-IITM)?

SR-IITM allows the client to find an image that helps indicate details of where the root of their issue is coming from.  You do not need to be a visual person.  I, personally, was not a visual person, but SR-IITM has helped me tremendously by understanding the true impacts situations have had on my body.  Self referencing IITM enables you to internally reference your own inner wisdom and allows your body/subconscious to provide the information needed to address an issue without having to think about the root cause of the issue.  For example, we ask your body to show us the flow of a river to represent the flow within your body from head to toe.  You see a river, but you see 5 dams in the water and lots of rocks.  We know that means you have 5 blocks and some obstacles that need to be addressed.  With the client asking God/Source for gifts (help) to let go of the blocks, the client can see the blocks slowly get smaller, until you see a smooth flowing river.  No digging into this trauma, or event, as all we needed to know what there were a few blocks to release and asked God/Source for help.  

What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is one of the simplest, easiest and fastest way to find your emotional baggage and release it.   The Emotion Code is a technique of energy healing that uses the science of quantum physics to clear emotional baggage that is disrupting your daily life.   All matter is energy - including our bodies, our thoughts, and our emotions.  The energies of intense emotional events that we've experienced can be stuck in our physical bodies.   The technique was created and refined by chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson, who realized that his patients' aches and pains were not just physical, they were emotional manifesting as physical.  Since the body is made of pure energy, the negative energy of trapped emotions can exert a damaging force on the body, which worsens over time.  Trapped Emotions can cause pain, depression, anxiety, phobias, self-sabotage, emotional problems and all kinds of malfunction and disease.  Simply identifying the trapped emotion is often enough for the body to let it go, as we give that emotion it's moment of recognition. 

What is The Body Code?

The Body Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is an extension of the Emotion Code.  It includes the emotion code but also addresses pathogens, toxins, misalignments, mental energies (broadcast messages, images, memory fields), disconnections, communication between body parts, etc.  Often, the root of a misalignment or disconnection is an emotion but it could also be a pathogen, toxin, etc.   Body Code helps address a much wider array of issues.

What is Full Court of Atonement (FCOA)?

The Court of Atonement is a process of asking for reconciliation/forgiveness between two or more souls/people or reconciliation within ourselves (we can be our own worst enemy).   This is where one person asks another person to come into a "court" where God/Source helps the 2 or more souls understand what it is that caused the conflict.  Often when the whole story is understood (as we never see the whole story but usually just see our side), the conflict is resolved or lessened. No soul can be forced to go into the court as everyone has free will, but rather an invitation is sent, asking for forgiveness/pardoning.  For more information, join the facebook group (this is not my group), Court of Atonement to learn how others are using FCOA to make changes in their lives.  This process is very simple and you can purchase the 4 booklets by Amy Jo Ellis for $5 each to help guide you to do the process yourself (it's that simple) or you can book a session and I will help guide you.   The 4 booklets can be purchased at

How does Energy healing work?

The subconscious mind is the ultra intelligent computer system of the body, it knows just what you need to be happy and healthy! 


1.  Questions are asked using muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to find information about trapped emotions, people we need to forgive, pathogens, misalignments, toxins, vows/oaths/contracts, etc. from the subconscious mind.

2.  Once a positive answer is received (we have found a trapped emotion), we then ask God/Source to release the negative energy.  Once we give the negative energy it's "moment" that we didn't give it before, it's able to let go.   

The process is quick but powerful, and the effects are long lasting.

What is muscle testing?

There are dozens of ways to muscle test.  The easiest form to learn is the sway test.   You stand straight and ask a question like "My name is Pam (provided your name is Pam)" and then you see which way your body sways.  If your polarity is correct (not common to be flipped), you will sway forward for a yes answer.  If you say "My name is George (provided your name is NOT George and you do not have a nickname of George), you will sway backwards for a no answer.

Muscle testing is a skill that can be learned by anyone.  If you look at youtube, you can find many videos on the various ways to muscle test.  It may take a bit to get used to strong/weak answers, but like any skill, you can feel the change in your muscles and it gets easier over time.  It is a great way to determine what your body likes or does not like.  Before any food is put in your mouth, you could muscle test and ask your body if it wants it.  Once your body knows you care what it wants, the answers will usually become clearer and clearer.  

What can I expect?

Most people say Energy Work (releasing of trapped energy) makes them feel lighter and free, but we frequently see much more than that.  Your results will depend on how many imbalances (trapped energy) you have and how quickly your body responds after the negative energy is released. Releasing trapped energy can help restore balance to your body, enhancing your body's natural healing ability.   I have personally seen clients in one session be relieved of a phobia, speech impediments, variety of aches of pains, troubles sleeping, fears decreased, peace restored, etc.  Not everyone sees results this quickly, and no promises can be made as all healing is up to your body and your beliefs, but typically we will know after one session how quickly your body responds to your energy releases. 

How do sessions work?

Sessions can be done in-person, over the telephone, or remotely.  As we begin, you may share with me any specific areas of concern that you have, and I will muscle test (applied kineseology) to see which issue cleared will help you the most.  Often, clearing one issue, will actually relieve other issues that were on your list.  By using muscle testing, I ask your body what energy it wants to release.  I then ask God/Source to release that energy.  During the session, I will keep track of what was released and will send a report of the session to you.  The information in the report is informational only, as once the emotion/energy is released, there is nothing more you need to do about that trapped emotion.  Your body has released it.



How is it possible to do a session over email or phone?

Muscle testing works quite a bit like how cellular phones work. Our bodies have a built-in capability to quickly and easily "dial" someone else, and create an energetic connection with them.   Have you ever had that scenario where you thought of someone and they called you minutes later?  Once you have given permission to be tested, questions can be asked about what is going on in your body.  Sessions remotely/over the phone as just as clear as in person.


What is a heartwall?

Like its name implies, it is a wall that builds up around the heart.


Each layer is a different trapped emotion that can come from virtually any experience that remains in our body. Or, it can be inherited and passed down generation to generation.  Over time, these layers accumulate making the Heart Wall thicker just like an onion grows thicker layer upon layer.  It protected us in the hard times, but it doesn’t go away when the threat or the situation is over.


When a Heart Wall is present, the love frequency must pass through the energy layers surrounding the heart. It can become twisted or diminished into something less than its original, pure intent. The person you are sending love to receives a distorted version of it, thus possibly impacting their ability or desire to send love back to you or to feel the love you are giving.   These energetic blocks and filters are removed when we release the Heart Wall. This enables you to give and receive love in its purest and most beautiful form.


Where can I learn more?

You could read The Emotion Code, by Dr. Bradley Nelson which can be purchased on Amazon.  There is an older version that is an ebook you can receive for free by emailing me from the Contact Me page and requesting a copy of the book.  I will e-mail a pdf version (Dr. Bradley Nelson promotes sending the book to everyone so that each person can help others by clearing their own trapped emotions). 



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