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Pamela Kratt

Welcome ... my name is Pamela.  I grew up in Canada but I lived in Minnesota for 10 years in my twenties and I have lived in the sunny state of Florida since 2002.  


What is my story?  As a child, I suffered from migraines and was allergic to almost everything.  The doctor came in after an allergy test and indicated he was only going to write down what I was not allergic to because that would be much quicker.  I tried shots, took a variety of medicines, but nothing helped.  I had the constant runny nose (everyone was handing me tissues everywhere I turned), and swollen, itchy eyes.

When I lived in Minnesota, I suffered from 3 or 4 headaches a week.  The doctors ran multiple tests, but there was nothing they could find that was causing any of my issues.  A coworker suggested I see her chiropractor because something had to be misaligned.  Before the chiropractor made any adjustments, he performed a test of the top 20 allergens by using muscle testing (applied kinesiology).  This was the first time I had experienced muscle testing.  I thought it was very odd, but he indicated from the tests my body did not like milk and 2 other items.  I laughed and said, I drink at least 4 glasses a day, there is no way I am allergic to milk.  I had so many allergy tests in the past and that was NOT something I was told I was allergic to.  To humor him, I stopped all dairy.  To my shock and surprise, my headaches went away.  I never did need an adjustment from that chiropractor!!  That was the only visit I had made to him.

About 6 months later, I became pregnant with my first child.  I went to my doctor to find out what I should be drinking instead of milk for the baby (calcium) and he laughed at me.  He thought my story was the craziest thing he had ever heard.  He sent me for another allergy test to test specifically for milk.  The allergenist stated I was not allergic to milk.  I asked, "am I lactose intolerant then?" and he said "no, you would have completely different symptoms".  I started to cry out of frustration.  I felt I finally had an answer but I was being told I was wrong.  They both advised me to get milk back in my diet.  I still remember that first yogurt I had the next day!!!  The headache I got was one of the worst.  At this point, I was thinking muscle testing was the greatest invention since sliced bread.  It was the one thing that figured out my problem that no other test could find!


When I moved to Florida, the psoriasis on my skin started to spread.  A friend suggested I try a green drink product to detox me.  The product could not be bought in a store, so I had to go see someone to pick up the product.  This "someone" was a naturopath.  A what???  Yes, that was my reaction.  This started me on my alternative care journey.  She performed iridology (she studied my eyes) and was able to diagnose several things about me that no doctor had ever told me, also via muscle testing.  This identified some additional allergies which we released with NAET (Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique ... another alternative modality).  What a difference that made in my life!  Unfortunately, it was a slow process, but I was happy there was progress.  No medicine had previously helped my body to heal, so progress meant hope. 


Now that I had seen "hope" and "help" with alternative care, I started researching other modalities.  I probably tried 10 other modalities (BRT, NET, EFT - tapping, BodyTalk, etc.).  All helped in many ways but none were able to clear my psoriasis.  NAET did fix my knee pain, some teeth pressure that I had since I was a teenager, etc.  Then I went for an Emotion code session.  This modality spoke to me.  I had many negative experiences in my life and as the practitioner worked on me, she would find the exact emotion and year the emotion occurred and the event would actually pop into my head.  I started learning emotion code for myself, so I could clear as much as possible between appointments.  I would work on my family and friends and they were all amazed at the results, and they were referring me to their friends and family.  It was then that I decided; I needed to get certified because helping people and solving issues are two things I love to do.

Since I started on my energy healing path, I have searched and learned quite a few different modalities as the emotion code wasn't eliminating my psoriasis (helping but not eliminating).   I was certified in Emotion code in 2015.  Then I certified in Self Referencing Inner Imagery Transformational Metaphor (SR-IITM) in 2019.  I was certified in Healing Remembered in Summer of 2021 and Group Facilitator in December 2021.  I also know Full Court of Atonement (FCOA), body code, spirit code, soul code, balancing by numbers (frequencies), and working on beliefs.  Full Court of Atonement is helping your soul to forgive.  Forgiveness is powerful!  Sometimes we just need the guidance on who/what needs to be forgiven.  Often the forgiveness needs to be of ourselves!

I love guiding and helping clients with how their bodies can let go of what is causing their issues.  Our bodies have the innate knowledge and know how to heal, sometimes they need guidance and more information in order to give an event or trauma it's moment to be acknowledged instead of being suppressed.  As with anything/anyone, our traumas/emotions just want to be heard and acknowledged (by the client) and then they let go.      

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