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What is 7 Days of Healing Group Healing?

The 7 Days of Healing is a clearing and up-leveling of your consciousness in a group setting while focusing on the intention of the week.  You can also set intentions of what you would like to manifest.  It is a great way to address some personal concerns in addition to the group theme.

Your group is a safe, supportive and loving sacred container for healing where your body/soul are safe to let go of what it wants to release. 

To Join the 7 Days of Healing Group Session, click the BOOK SESSION tab, choose 7 Days of Healing Group Session. 

To see the theme for the upcoming week please join the facebook group  If you do not have facebook, please enter you name and email address below and I will add you to a distribution list that will send out the weekly theme topic.

During group sessions, root causes for our issues are neutralized faster because of the mass vibrational energy that is intentionally generated, focused, and concentrated at a single point in time. I guide your body/soul to use the infinite intelligence that is all around us, but difficult to access consistently when alone. These actions, when set in motion, create changes in our body, which in turn influence our thoughts and behaviors in a positive way. 

​Each morning, starting on Sunday, I will activate an intention for the group with the main focus to optimize the theme for the week.  You do not need to do anything, unless I ask you to repeat an affirmation or do a meditation that would be beneficial to help the process.  At the end of the day, I will update you if the intention for the day was fully activated or if we need to continue working on that day’s theme the next day.  

If you are joining for the next 7 Days of Healing and do not wish to post the intentions on facebook, please state your intentions below or email them to

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