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Everyday we go through experiences.   It would be wonderful if all experiences were positive but that is, unfortunately, not the case.  When negative experiences occur, we often push them aside and don’t fully "process" them.   We say to ourselves, I will deal with this later.  If we don’t fully "process" a negative experience properly, it will cause us to store these negative energies as “baggage”.  

Our body chooses where the negative energies are going to be stored.  It is usually somewhere where we already have a weakness.  It could result in back pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, anxiety, tiredness, insomnia, panic attacks, phobias, depression, etc.  If you have a pain or a symptom, your body is telling you that there is something that needs to be addressed.   Acknowledging the energy, helps you to get to the root of the pain/symptom.  It doesn’t try to ignore it or suppress it like many medications do; it releases the negative energy. 

All of us have baggage.  Picture dragging all those bags behind you.  What would it be like if you could reduce/eliminate your emotional baggage?  Wouldn't you love to feel "lighter"?  Releasing/letting go of the energy will help you shrink or eliminate your baggage.  It's up to you.  Our journey through life is so much easier when we travel light. 

Hi!  My name is Pamela and I am Certified in Emotion Code, Self Referencing Inner Imagery Transformational Metaphor (SR-IITM),  Healing Remembered and certified to be a Group Facilitator of helping your body to let go of what is causing it issues or blocking your path or preventing you from living the life you want.   

This energetic release can be done on adults, children, animals or even homes.   Every person is different, but energetic releases have been found to help with pain, clearing blocks, relationships, manifesting (career, money, love, etc.), anxiety, depression, sleep issues (including nightmares), etc.  

Other modalities that I have been trained in and may use in my sessions are Body Code, Balancing By Numbers, Spirit Code, Access Consciousness, Access Bars, Vows, Oaths & Contracts, Discordant Energies,  Full Court of Atonement (FCOA), The Soul Code Method, etc.  I love what I do and am always searching for answers to help those that would like my help.    


Welcome to the wonderful journey to better health!



You can feel great!  Optimal health is possible!

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